Send someone a fake link and get their ip address    and's how:

1. Send and get target person to click one of our        alluring "dummy" links via IM or EMAIL for        example OR
and many others

2. Find target person's probable location and ip        address (example here)

3. Person doesn't have to know they've been        traced...unless you want to scare them.

4. Send your results instantly to their ISP or local        authortities...

Details on how will work for you!

MSNBC Dateline's Online Predators Report
  Disturbingly shows the reasons why exists.

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If you don't want to get the authorities involved (and you should) you can use your results to acquire full name, address and phone number of your target. From emails, screen names, instant messenger accounts like AOL, to ip addresses and social network profiles like Friendster or Myspace--we can get results within 7 to 48 hours and at most a week. We are the REAL deal!
Thought it was impossible? Sometimes it is, and we have a no hit, no fee policy (we will refund your money). But most of the time we are successful.

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Trace screenames, emails, instant messages, and social network profiles.
A Paypal payment of $224.95 will start the trace.

( reserves the right to refuse service for any reason)

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