This is what you can do with our tracing links:
Make them sweat and send a “You have been traced” message...
You can opt to boldly confront your online threat with a warning message that reveals to them their own identifying information. This can be very disturbing!
Here's an example.

Or you can even trace them without them knowing it! All that will show up is a "server error" page on their end and if they try to go to root of link, it will show same thing so that they can't see you have used
Take it up a notch notify the predator's Internet Service Provider and cut them off!
Many online deviants use free web/mail/chat/mobile services that they hide behind but with their internet service provider's identity in hand, you can quickly and easily report violations of Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy and violation of federal and state cyber laws to their ISP and they will shut them down!
Turn the heat on and report predators to the authorities!
Finally, with's convenient report form, you can email results directly to the law
enforcement jurisdiction of the person you traced. And since we use the same geo-location and tracing technology today's cyber crime authorities do, it will greatly expedite their investigation! You will not only protect your children, but others as well!
CHECKIM.COM provides you what you need to know NOW!
Up until now the only way you could really trace or find information about someone else on the internet is to trace the screename for over $100 and wait two weeks for the results, which in most cases would be meaningless because the criminal could have used a free web based account with false information and ditched the account anyways.  In addition, you would have to submit information to authorities, and they would take longer doing the footwork to see where the perpetrator actually is. 
You must follow the "money-trail"!
In order to truly get any sort of information you can actually use, you must trace back to the point where the perpetrator PAYS for access.  This would be his Internet Service Provider or ISP.  Here they most likely are using a credit card and their account information is probably accurate.  This is the information authorities can use readily to nab the criminal. provides this information!  This coupled with our geolocation database telling you the perpetrator's most probable state, city and town of residence makes for a rapid apprehension and prosecution.
Find out where they live! uses two of the most accurate geolocating databases available on the net to get the criminal's most probable location.  We do this using both ip address geolocation and tracerouting. is best used on the "average joe" internet user. There are those that use all sorts of "anonymous surfing" techniques to hide who they are, and many of these are frankly impossible to trace. can at least provide you with some sort of lead to what and who they are using in those cases, but be prepared to spend time and money backtracking the "smart" ones. can obtain more from the information you obtained from your results if you order the Advanced Trace.

Why use
Easy to use
Cheapest option available
Use anywhere-emails, chat rooms, instant messages, web pages.
Instant and highly probable results
Help and protect others
Someone is cyber stalking you using a popular web service and you need to know what their info is and scare them off with a "You Have Been Traced" message
Someone is using your identity or credit info online and you need to track down there location to assist authorities in pursuing the culprit
You need to know someone's true ip address if they are using a proxy service to hide their tracks (most the time)
You find someone is chatting with your child in an inappropriate manner and you want to report them to the authorities with all necessary online info needed to prosecute
Find out what mobile service someone is instant messaging or chatting with
You want the Internet to be a better place for everyone and warn others in the community of certain undesirables on the net

You get:
Satellite photo of person's probable location!
Geolocation and traceroute of person's ip address!
What Internet Provider they are using!
Whether or not they are trying to hide their tracks!
Get target off your back and put authorities on his!
Immediate local search of authorities in person's probable   location!
Send your results to authorities in person's location!
Simple to use even if you aren't internet savvy!

Here is what your target gets:
You can "shock and awe" person with same info you see!
Or show a  typical "server error" page-they will never know!
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